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Can you do the math? Because the prostitution abolitionists sure can't!
Go ahead, see what number of alleged clients of prostitutes there would have to be if there were even 100,000 minors trafficked into prostitution every year, and each of them were forced to have sex with 10 unique 'johns' per day, for just 200 days a year:
100,000 x (10x 200)=   200,000,000
(remember there are only a little over 107,000,000 men of age between 20 and 79- who would be of eligible age and have the financial resources to hire a prostitute of ANY age...)
Now, the guesstimated number of alleged child sex trafficking victims does NOT include adult sex workers, who far outnumber the minors (according to the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics Table #69- arrests by state and persons over and under 18), nor does it include the number of the remaining sex trafficking victims from the years previous, who allegedly have a 4 to 7 year lifespan after they become child prostitutes...

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