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On March 21, 2014, a news story broke which seems to have shocked the normally complacent media (when it comes to prostitution, anyway). The New York Daily News is just one of them:

Cops in Hawaii claim that they cannot make arrests of 'victims of sex trafficking' unless they have the opportunity to "catch them in the act..." because sex trafficking victims are SO wily and don't realize they are victims! Just ask Denver Colorado Vice Lt. Aaron Sanchez- who says "WE HAVE TO HELP THEM REALIZE THEY ARE VICTIMS!"

But this is nothing new, it has been happening for years- ever since prostitution was prohibited, cops have demanded free sex from prostitutes and then use the law to arrest them.As the article from 1978 or 1979 Spokane WA, the judge said "it may violate public morals, but personal beliefs can't be substituted for the law..." [HMMMMMM..... WHAT ARE LAWS AGAINST COMMERCIAL SEX IF NOT SOMEONE'S PERSONAL - SOCIAL OR MORAL - BELIEFS IN THE FIRST PLACE????]

If authorizing cops to have  (non consensual) sex  with a 'suspected victim'  is a viable way to 'help'  or 'rescue'  those  who  are regarded as potential  victims of sex trafficking,  why not apply this same solution to help other 'suspected victims'  of rape,   sexual assault, pedophile priests, preachers, teachers, coaches, and any other crimes of a sexual nature? Surely this is an effective way to address suspected sex crimes where the victim    may not realize he or she is a victim or may be reluctant  to report being a victim... For sex trafficking victims, once a cop *rapes  them, then arrests them- and  threatens them with incarceration where they are likely to be raped by the jail staff, they may be  more willing to accept their victimhood and participate in the prosecution of their non violent, non abusive clients or employers, who are viewed by law enforcement as 'pimps' or 'traffickers...'

*Why is it rape? Because if the sex worker KNEW beforehand that this person was a law enforcement agent, do you think the sex worker would CONSENT to have sex with the cop? The fact that the cop used deceit (pretending to be a client) and treachery  (promise of agreed upon fee ) to entice the sex worker to provide the services of companionship and sexual intimacy,  does not negate the theft of services because the money given to the sex worker is confiscated as 'evidence' of the sex worker's victimization' while the services provided cannot be returned. Some might argue that the sex worker is committing a crime- but if the sex worker is the 'victim' because, according to prostitution abolitionists, "prostitution is like rape,' then the cop is the criminal perpetrating a crime twice over.

And unfortunately, cops don't limit themselves to raping and extorting sex workers to the times when they are doing so 'officially'... many, many cops threaten to arrest sex workers unless they provide the cops with sexual favors, or money  or both. In a number of documented cases, cops even pimp out adult sex workers and MINORS, knowing that even if they are caught, it is unlikely that they will face the same kind of punishment that is meted out to non law enforcement pimps/ traffickers. Click here to view a list of cops who rape/ extort/ pimp sex workers

Below the  images is an article I wrote about this very issue back in 2009, for an online 'zine which unfortunately went under before they could publish it.

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To view entire document from which this is an excerpt with all the examples of cops raping/ extorting/ pimping sex workers, click here:

"The Truth About Cops, Prostitutes, Sex Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation"


help us realize we are victims

Ironically,  in 1987  the court  ruled that cops can hire 'sex trafficking victims' to have sex with another 'suspected criminal'-  in order to catch the more important 'criminal' (except we are supposedly VICTIMS)! So the cops can recruit a 'sex trafficking victim,' (an act of pandering for anyone not a cop) who is then paid by taxpayers- to  have sex for money... Thus the taxpayers would be the 'johns'  since they are paying for being screwed. Under the so called "Swedish Model" in which the 'johns' are arrested, this would mean the cops could arrest the taxpayers for providing the money with which the cops hire the 'sex trafficking victim' to be 'exploited' for the greater good... right? It gets so confusing when we criminalize consenting adult activity and yet make exceptions for law enforcement to break the laws they are supposed to uphold! court okays sex

                  have sex


Written and illustrated by Norma Jean Almodovar 2009©

Help Wanted (anywhere USA): “Hey Guys- looking for that perfect job? Something that will give you access to hot babes who are always available? You get to party at upscale hotels, unlimited free room service including booze AND you get paid to get laid! Sound too good to be true? No- I am not talking about becoming a gigolo- this is today’s vice cop job! But if going through the academy and walking a beat first before you get to the fun part of being a cop is too much work, there’s also the exciting opportunity to be a high paid undercover police informant! You get the same great partying and getting paid for getting laid but without the risk of being shot at by real bad guys before you are recruited to work vice!

And we aren’t talking skanky street hookers either! We got laws to round up those ‘hos without having to say a word!  Ever priced those Emperor’s Club gals? The ones like billionaire former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer hired? Think they are out of your league? Not when you are working for the government! We got you covered! It’s all part of the package! All we need is your testimony in court that you had sex with these poor victims and they asked you for the money. That’s it! Case Closed!

Not only will you have the opportunity to get laid by the same high caliber call girls who service clients like Charlie Sheen and Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter, but you will be doing your community a great service by rescuing these poor gals from a life of exploitation and degradation where they get paid upwards of $5,000 an hour. After their arrest and conviction, thanks to your testimony, they can find societally approved employment which is more appropriate for them, like cleaning toilets at Motel 6 for minimum wage! Call your local police vice unit for details! Get in on this exciting career now!”

* * *
The above help wanted ad may be fictitious but the content is not. While sex worker rights activists like myself have known for many years this was happening, most people out there, including many of the women who advertise on the internet, don’t have a clue that vice cops and undercover informants can actually have sex with a ‘suspected prostitute’ before the cops arrest her. Not only vice cops, but some police departments actually hire men from the community to carry out the ‘necessary sex act’ to make their arrests of the prostitutes stick. I can see you men shaking your head in disbelief and asking yourself how can you get a job like that?

Imagine, our tax dollars go to pay some lucky guys to have sex with women who are suspected of being ‘victims of exploitation’... also known as sex workers. You should be warned though- if you go out there and attempt to conduct a ‘rescue’ on your own, you might get arrested for solicitation and sent to your local “John School” where you will learn how awful you are for exploiting those poor gals by paying them instead of just forcing them into sex for free!

Stopping the ‘exploitation and degradation’ of women is the motivation behind the heavy enforcement of  prostitution laws, according to the religious right and radical leftist feminists who have persuaded the mostly liberal legislators to pass laws which give cops cart blanche to make their arrests. These groups of moral and social busybodies insist that all prostitutes are sex slaves or ‘victims’ regardless of their age or consent. In deference to their claims, I shall substitute their term ‘victim’ for ‘prostitute’ to show just how ridiculous the enforcement of the laws really is.

California doesn’t want its police officers to be subjected to such an unpleasant task as getting paid to have sex with a suspected ‘victim,’ although they can if necessary, so our liberal legislators have given them useful tools which makes it so much easier to rescue/arrest those ‘victims.’ See, many of those street ‘victims’ got way too smart for the cops and found ways to circumvent the law as it was being enforced by undercover cops for years.

Back in the days when it was illegal for cops to entrap suspected ‘victims,’ prostitutes/ victims would manipulate the potential exploiter/ customer to make the first move, because if the man was a cop, he couldn’t initiate a sexual encounter.  The ‘victim’ would use body language to signal if she was interested and off they would go for a little exploitation. So making arrests of street ‘victims’ was a time consuming effort and often resulted in cops going over the line, allowing the ‘victim’ to go unrescued/ unpunished.

To remedy that embarrassment and inconvenience, California’s Liberal Democrats passed a law which allowed the undercover cop to suggest an cop with moneyact of sex for money and all the suspected ‘victim’ had to do to get arrested was to “manifest an acceptance” of the offer. If she smiled or winked at him, that was an indication, according to the cops, that she was accepting the offer to be exploited and could then be rescued/ arrested on solicitation charges.

When the poor exploited ‘victims’ learned they could now be rescued/ arrested for just making any sort of facial or body gesture- we called that law the “use a smile go to jail” law- they thought they had outfoxed the cops again by requesting that the potential exploiter/ customer drop his pants and show his genitals. Surely the cops weren’t allowed to show their dicks, were they? As many of those ‘victims' discovered after the fact, the cops could do that as well as go all the way if necessary.

A few years of enforcing the ‘gesture’ law, California cops got really lazy and requested the liberal legislators give them something to make arresting these savvy ‘victims’ almost, well, automatic. The law which was passed after no debate from anyone, conservative or liberal, allowed the police to arrest a person whom the cops suspected of merely possessing the intent to commit prostitution (possessing ‘an intent’ to be a ‘victim’???? psychic cops????? interesting concept!) even if the suspected ‘victim’ was in a car, whether moving or not. Heck, if we could arrest persons who may possess the intent to commit rapes or robberies before they actually commit a crime, we’d have fewer real victims...  However this concept of arresting a person before they commit a crime/ become a ‘victim’ hasn’t caught on outside of prostitution, probably because we don’t consider rapists, robbers and spousal abusers to be ‘victims’ who need ‘rescuing.’ Not to mention, the ACLU and other civil libertarians would be all over such laws, crying fowl before the proposed bill could get out of legislative discussion!

Even with the ability to make an effortless arrest, cops still conduct sting operations when they want to arrest in volume or go after those who run “prostitution rings.” Thus far, it isn’t a crime to ‘possess the intent to commit pandering,’ making it necessary to do undercover investigations to arrest the ‘pimps/ madams.’ Some undercover sting operations last as long as three to five years before any arrests are made. During that time the vice cops (or their paid civilian helpers) visit the suspected den of ‘victims’ over and over again, just to make certain those women are actually prostitutes and that someone else is in charge. There have been cops who became so enamored of the ‘victims' they were having sex with that they left the women huge tips. It was a rather empty gesture, though, since it was not coming out of their pocket but rather the pockets of taxpayers who footed the bill for these commercial sexual liaisons.

cops rescuing whores dangerousBefore we go any further, I must make you aware that it is so potentially dangerous to rescue (arrest) unarmed ‘victims’ that it frequently requires the deployment of many cops to consummate the rescues/ arrests. The standard ratio for cops to hookers (oops... I meant ‘victims’) is 7 to 1, just to ensure that the ‘victim’ clearly understands how very seriously the government takes their exploitation. Prostitution is, after all, ‘worse than rape or robbery’ for the ‘victim’ because prostitutes are often lured into a ‘lifetime of shame and degradation which progressively rapes their spirit, character and self- image’... or so the LA  District Attorney claimed when he appealed my probation sentence for one count of pandering a number of years ago, successfully overturning the judge’s sentence and forcing him to impose on me the mandatory three to six year prison term California law requires. If one commits rape, robbery, assault, mayhem and even murder, but they don’t use a gun, they can get probation!

In Los Angeles a few years back, a prostitution sting called “Operation Silver Bullet” was conducted, which was, according to the LA Daily News “one of LAPD’s largest prostitution stings in several years. Vice Detectives fanned out across the San Fernando Valley and simultaneously raided seven suspected prostitution dens fronting as legitimate businesses.”  And the LAPD proudly reported that “approximately 100 officers took part in Operation Silver Bullet, netting 14 arrests... which were all for solicitation, operating a house of prostitution and residing in a house of prostitution...” Anyone who can do the math will figure out that if it took 100 officers to bust 14 ‘suspected victims,’ that’s 7 cops per hooker/victim.  Oh yeah, and the cops were later given an awards banquet to honor them for their heroic work in making these dangerous arrests... Makes you wonder how they can hand out those awards with a straight face.

When notorious Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss was on trial, I had the opportunity to sit in court every day with my friend Sydney Biddle Barrows, the equally notorious Mayflower Madam. During the trial, a number of interesting facts were disclosed, such as how the cops set up the women and what they did to signal their comrades waiting in the other room that a violation of law had taken place and it was time to make the arrests. I share this information with you in hopes that you will come to realize just how important it is to allocate the precious and scarce police and other government resources pursuing these ‘victims’ and destroying their lives, rather than pursuing real criminals who have real victims- victims who often do not ever see their perpetrators punished because the police cannot corroborate the crime or gather sufficient evidence against the alleged criminal to make a case. And I guarantee you that for these real crimes, the police do not deploy seven officers to the scene of the crime unless it involves a bank robbery or homicide!

The pretend exploiter/ client/vice cop will call the madam and claim to be a friend of one of her real clients, and tell her he has a bunch of buddies coming into town. He wants to arrange for her best girls to provide their services for himself and his friends, and he throws around huge numbers at the madam to peak her interest. He will also mention to her particular sex acts that he wants these ‘victims’ to provide him or his buddies, which he may also repeat to the alleged ‘victims’ over the phone prior to the assignation. A real client generally has a lot more class than that, so this should be a tip off, but the potential payday can cloud the judgement of even the most paranoid pimp/madam and her ‘victims.’ Another tip off should be when the ‘client’ insists on having the madam or the ‘alleged victims’ bring along illegal drugs for him and his friends.

To set up high class call girls and their madam, you cannot rent a room at the local Motel 6- so the cops work out a deal with very upscale hotels which agree to provide comped luxurious suites in which to conduct these stings, in exchange for leaving the in- house girls alone. These would be the ‘victims’ that the concierge can provide the discreet hotel guest, as long as the ‘victims’ pay off the right hotel staff to be allowed to work there without fear of being ‘rescued’ by the cops.

Although they are oppressed ‘victims’ who cannot think or speak for themselves, these women are quite capable of discerning an inappropriate situation once they arrive in their alleged exploiter/client’s hotel room, and clearly if the exploiter/client was who he said he was, there would be expensive champagne and perhaps hors d'oeuvres  available, and we aren’t talking chips and dip either! To sell this undercover operation to ‘victims’ who are used to being wined and dined at the very best restaurants and hotels and paid upwards of $500 to $5,000 an hour, all the accouterments of wealth and power need to be visible. And yes, the vice cops get to partake of the food and alcoholic beverages as part of their job to deceive these wretched souls into believing they are about to be exploited /paid for having sex.

Quite often, the undercover cops will request a ‘double’  - two ‘victims’ at a time. For one thing, it speeds up the process of making the
cops smokerescues/arrests but it also provides entertainment for the other cops  who get to watch a ‘show’ of the two women kissing and fondling each other. For while the vice cop acting as the exploiter/client sets up the ‘victim/s’ for her/their arrest, in the adjoining suite, his colleagues are videotaping everything so the jury will see just how degrading being a prostitute really is. May I remind you again that it is necessary for a multitude of vice cops to be deployed for these ‘take downs’ as the ‘victims’ may attempt an escape, not realizing of course that they are better off getting arrested so they can get on with their rehabilitation and transition into the appropriate careers waiting for them in the fast food industry.

The pretend exploiter/ client (aka the vice cop) may ask the ‘victim’ to partially undress so he can examine ‘the goods’ before he ‘shells out the dough.’  And to amuse the cops in the other room, he may ask the ‘victim’ to clap, hum and do a little dance for him in her state of semi- nakedness, which is also the signal that a violation has taken place and the other cops are now to come flying through the door with their guns drawn to place this degraded ‘victim’ in protective custody/make an arrest. The ‘victim’ may or may not be permitted to put her clothes back on-  but often times she is not allowed to do so until there is a female officer available to do a full body cavity search.  So very often she will be required to sit in this state of undress in the room  with the other cops who are now waiting for the next ‘victim’ to arrive.

Meanwhile, the farce continues until every last ‘victim’ has been identified and caught and the sting has gone down successfully. Now the ‘victims’ are herded into police cars or vans and taken to the nearest jail facility where they will be processed. Here again they will be strip searched, given a de-lousing shower and a matching set of jail house pants and tops and put into lockup until they can make bail. They will also be interrogated and told that if they cooperate with the government and testify against their ‘pimp/madam,’ most likely they will not be put on trial or go to jail. If they are from out of state or another country, their employer/ pimp/ madam will undoubtedly  be charged with violating ‘human trafficking’ laws, a federal offense. ‘Victims’ from other countries will be threatened with deportation if they refuse to cooperate. Regardless of their cooperation, most of these ‘victims’ will still have arrest records which may prevent them from ever finding other employment.  At best, they may find work earning minimum wage, which they will have to spend paying off legal bills and fines they may be given for being ‘victims.’

The sting operation I have described  above is one that is takes place within the course of an evening, but as I said earlier, many sting operations take place over many months or in some cases, years. In long term sting operations, the vice cops or their deputized civilians actually go through with the sex  and pay the ‘victims.’ The money is marked, naturally, so that the cops can detect a trail of where the money goes after the ‘victims’ pay their ‘pimps/ madams.’ The ‘victims’ get to spend the money anyway they please, just as they would if the money came from a ‘real client’ and not out of the pocket of the taxpayers... This is your hard earned money party at hotelat work.

One could say that these laws are turning the taxpayers into “johns”  because they are paying for getting screwed- while at the same time, the cops are themselves turned into prostitutes, because the very definition of prostitution is getting paid for getting laid, isn’t it? How do we stop the exploitation of the vice cops who are forced into prostitution by their sergeants, lieutenants, captains and even local prosecutors who instruct them to have sex with those poor alleged ‘victims’ so the ‘victims’ can be arrested? Maybe we should stop paying the cops a salary while they work undercover vice, so that like the women they arrest, they won’t be considered ‘victims’ if they have sex for free...

Same goes for those civilian males who are paid by the cops to have sex with ‘suspected prostitutes/‘victims,’ under the law, aren’t they also prostitutes? And wouldn’t the hiring of them be considered ‘pandering’ just as it is when a madam hires a prostitute? “Pandering” in most states is a felony and defined as “encouraging a person to commit an act of prostitution.” So when the average citizen requests the continued enforcement of these laws to ‘protect women from being exploited,’ should we arrest the cops or the taxpayers for pandering? Gets rather complicated when enforcing laws based on subjective concepts like ‘exploitation’ and ‘degradation,’ doesn’t it?

And then there is the 1987 US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision; ruling that it is “unrealistic to expect law enforcement officers to ferret out criminals without the help of unsavory characters,” (and just why are ‘victims’ unsavory characters?) the court determined that it was permissible  for the government to hire a ‘victim’/prostitute to help them catch other criminals. This decision made it possible for any and every government agency to hire a hooker/‘victim’ when necessary. This is most likely the explanation for Louisiana Senator David Vitter’s hiring of DC Madam Deborah Palfrey’s ‘victims,’ and it would seem probable that it applies to New York’s former Governor Eliot Spitzer  as well.

It gets even more complicated when cops are encouraged to use prostitution laws to recruit ‘victims’ and even pimps/ madams to become informants. For many police departments, such informants are invaluable. In exchange for being an informant, the ‘victims’ and pimps/ madams are allowed to practice their profession/exploitation without fear of being rescued/arrested. In fact, if they don’t continue being ‘victims’ or pimps/ madams, they would have nothing to offer the cops by way of information on other suspected ‘victims,’ pimps/madams and their exploiters/ clients. But you can be sure that the cops let these individuals know that if they cease being useful to the cops, they will be rescued/ arrested and persecuted... uh, make that prosecuted.

What I simply do not understand is how the cops are able determine which ‘victims’ to rescue/ arrest and which ‘victims’ can be sacrificed for the greater good, that is allowed to continue being exploited for money? Often it comes down to who will put out and who won’t. The cops who control our fate, unfortunately for us ‘victims,’ are human beings and mostly male ones at that. They are driven by the same biological urges that prompt men in general to seek sexual gratification from willing partners. There is also the temptation of extorting ‘victims’ for money, seeing that a police officer’s monthly salary is so insignificant compared to the cash a ‘victim’ can earn within a few hours.

There have been so many cases of cops forcing ‘victims’ to have sex with them in order to avoid being ‘rescued’/ arrested that it is considered a cost of doing business by most ‘victims.’ Occasionally the cops get caught, such as the Long Beach, California police officer Bryon Ellsberry, who was charged with rape after he continually coerced a ‘victim’/ prostitute to have sex with him. She filed a complaint against him and was given an opportunity to wear a wire to record their conversation the next time he extorted her for her sexual favors. He was arrested and convicted, but given a probation sentence rather than sent to jail. However, most states have mandatory minimum jail sentences for those accused of being the ‘victims’/ prostitutes... probably because there is so much evidence to show that being arrested and incarcerated, strip searched and de-loused increases one’s self- esteem, and helps ‘victims’ to be rehabilitated and reformed- after, of course, they give the male jail guards a blow job or  else get sent to solitary confinement for refusing to be cooperative...

Is there a downside to being an undercover vice cop or a civilian helper? Most people would think that sexual situations with ‘victims’/ prostitutes would put those men at increased risk for STDs. The media portrays sex workers as being riddled with disease- but the reality is that a man is more likely to encounter a diseased partner picking up a ‘one night stand’ at a local bar- a non commercial tryst- than he is with a ‘victim’/ prostitute.

I can understand why a man might want to be an undercover agent- especially men who like to brag that they “don’t have to pay for it” even clap hum
                            do dancethough everybody does “pay for it” one way or another. And as long as society looks the other way at whatever cops have to do to ‘stop the exploitation’ of women and children, arbitrarily enforcing laws against some while encouraging others to continue breaking the law as paid informants (the ends justify the means), there will be guys who seek out such work. They tell themselves that they are helping the poor ‘victims’ escape a life of ‘degradation.’ So don’t be surprised if someday soon you see a real help wanted ad just like the fictitious one in this article. But also don’t be surprised that we ‘victims’ are fighting back any way we legally can.

After  the Heidi Fleiss’ trial I created a poster from the information I learned about the sting operation, called “Top Ten Signs You are Being Set Up by An Undercover Cop.” It is available for free download as a PDF from our website:  along with other helpful posters for sex workers or anyone else who may be interested. The best piece of advice I have for any woman who, when going to an unknown client’s hotel room, is asked by the ‘client’ to get undressed, clap, hum and do a little dance- grab your purse and run for your life! Unfortunately you will probably get arrested anyway, so your only alternative would be to ask him to get undressed, clap, hum and do a little dance for you- the video the cops are making from the other room might amuse the jury enough to acquit you of being a ‘victim!’


Here are more of those brave, heroic cops and civic minded men who have sex with 'victims' in order to rescue them... click on image to view pdf with clickable links:

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