Police Prostitution and Politics.com- Data links, spreadsheets and pdfs of the FBI's Bureau of Statistics-
as they relate to arrests of persons for prostitution and disorderly conduct. Arrests for other crimes are included for the purpose of comparison.
The documents for each year contain the original information for many types of crimes which we did not remove. However, on many of the documents we highlighted the statistics pertaining to prostitution and disorderly conduct as well as the arrests for rape. We expect to finsih highlighting the remainder of the documents soon.

FYI: "Disorderly Conduct" is a criminal charge that the police will frequently use in place of an arrest for prostitution/ solicitation
if there is insufficient evidence for the greater charge of prostitution. [from the definition of offenses "Any behavior that tends to disturb
the public peace or decorum, scandalize the community, or shock the public sense of morality.
"] Not all cases of disorderly conduct
relate to prostitution, but we have no way to distinguish between the other uses of this law, so please take that into account when
viewing the number of arrests for this 'crime' - numbers that are significantly greater than prostitution arrests alone.

Also, many states define the term "rape" as non consensual vaginal penetration, rather than any coercive sexual activity,
such as forced oral copulation or anal penetration, or other unwanted sexual acts. In those states which define rape solely as coercive
vaginal penetration
, all other forced sexual acts are defined as 'sexual assault.' Unfortunately these acts are considered less 'heinous'
and are given less weight in reporting such acts and when an alleged rapist goes to court. One such example is that of
NYPD officer Michael Pena- whose shocking sexual assault on a 25 year old school teacher resulted in a 'not guilty' of the
more serious charge of rape because there was no vaginal penetration. "A New York police officer who brutally sodomized
and inflicted oral sex upon a schoolteacher at gunpoint has not been convicted of rape, despite DNA evidence and
witness testimonies about the violent attack.New York’s state law excludes nonconsensual oral and anal sex from the
definition of “rape”, calling them “sexual assault” instead, the New York Daily News reports."

Because some states do not classify horrific and violent sexual assaults as 'rapes', we include the
reported sexual assaults in the total numbers when comparing the number of arrests for rape to
adult prostitution arrests- as the FBI website does not have a separate list of arrests for sexual assault.
The evidence suggests that it is more important to law enforcement agencies to arrest consenting adults for
commercial sex than it is to clear the open cases of reported violent rape and sexual assault.

All of the material on these pages was compiled from the US Government sources which explicitly state that they are 'estimates' of arrests.
The government frequently revises and updates these estimates based on later information they receive from law enforcement agencies.
We provide the source documents and the links to the government websites where we found them because, unlike the prostitution abolitionists
who spout statistics without providing any source material, we do not expect you to take our word for it.

If you visit the FBI website and find a revised document with more current statistics, please contact us so we can update our files.
Go to our "contact us" page from the home page for information on how to contact us.

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Other links to government reports and documents from our reference library

Below are the source documents for the spreadsheets and documents created from the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics. The links to the original source are provided for you, but if you wish to find the sources on your own, follow the instructions on the
"How to Find Government Statistics" page.
Multi- year docs
The multi- year arrest documents were compiled from the corresponding tables for each year from the FBI website. Other multi- year documents may be the sole document from the FBI website for the years noted.
In that case, there will be no corresponding document available by individual years.
Wherever possible, links to the source document will be available by year.

Graphs and charts for arrests of males for prostitution and disorderly conduct
1981 to 2011 PDF
1981 to 2011 XLS
1981 to 2011 JPG

Murder by Circumstances- and Expanded Homicide Data Table 2 and Table 10 Links to all years - see also by year where available -
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Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed All Years (for comparison to prostitute homicides) see also by year where available:
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Comparison of reported crimes, arrests for reported crimes, arrests for prostitution, murder/homicide by circumstances and drug arrests 1991-2011
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Definitions of Crimes - "Offenses Known to Law Enforcement" NOTE: Definitions are sometimes revised by the FBI, but we will use the definitions that they have used for multiple years.
Part I and Part II Offense Definitions at the Government Website
or here: http://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/05cius/about/offense_definitions.html
Many other very important multi- year documents can be found in this folder
(which we will add to this page in the near future, but feel free to browse the folder meanwhile): http://www.policeprostitutionandpolitics.com/pdfs_all/Database%20Spreadsheets/multi%20year%20docs/
The US Government wants to abolish all prostitution- "Zero Tolerance" policy for any contractor, military personnel or any other group or persons who are paid by any branch of government. But what about violent rape and sexual assault and domestic violence? No "Zero Tolerance" policy for any of those crimes- because as we all know- prostitution is 'like rape' and is 'sexual slavery' but victims of REAL rape and REAL sexual abuse who report crimes against them are left to deal with their PTSD alone. The government doesn't care about them.
Click here to read the 2011 Government Document "Prevention: Fighting Sex Trafficking By Curbing Demand for Prostitution" PDF
View this document as image
Bureau of Justice Statistics All Publications and Products Accessing other Uniform Crime Reports (from the FBI website)
1960- 2010 Uniform Crime Report PDF Links to the FBI Website for these documents:
UCR statistics all years
Table Building Tools Uniform Crime Reporting page
Not all documents/tables that are shown for the later years (2000 to 2011) were available in earlier years 1981 to 1999. The FBI expanded the material that it made available to the public on its website for more recent times, but as yet, they have not made the same information available for earlier years. To see all available content/ documents/ tables for each year, click on the year to view the folder.

NOTE: If you plan to download documents posted for this project, we suggest that you download the entire folder by year so that all of the material for each year remains together. Then delete whatever documents you are not able to open with whatever software you have on your computer ( non mac users will not be able to open the .numbers documents). The link to the directory with all the years is:
Index of/ pdfs all/ Database Spreadsheets

Table 29 2011
Statistics are not yet available for the breakdown of arrests by gender or age. Check back soon for an update.
No statistics available at this time. They usually become available by November or December of the following year (2013). Please check back then.
Statistics for 2013 will not be available until late 2014.
This research was part of the sex worker information project. Knowledge is power.
Thanks also to Marc of Frankfurt and others for their time and interest in helping to share this invaluable information, through which we hope to change the way sex workers are treated.
We invite our fellow sex worker activists around the world to research the same or similar information in their countries and share the statistics with us. Please provide links to all source documents so that anyone who wishes to use the statistics for their research can verify and confirm every statement and every graph. Unlike the anti- prostitution activists who make absurd claims but seldom document their sources, we must document ours to disprove their lies.