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Written by Norma Jean Almodovar   
Saturday, 06 November 2010 00:00

Welcome to our website. This is the companion site to the forthcoming book, "Cops, Hos, Preachers and Politicos" which will feature many of the outrageous antics of the cops, judges, politicians and preachers who get caught with their pants down- with a prostitute. It happens so frequently that people tend to overlook the stories in the news- but it is our sincere hope that a reminder of the unfortunate consequences of bad laws may help convince you, the voter, that these laws need to be repealed. We are NOT protecting anyone when the laws against consenting adult commercial sex  cause so much harm to those we think are being protected from exploitation!

Here is an overview of the book project:


At the turn of this century, prostitution was not illegal, but there were many who regarded it as a blight upon the cities, particularly street prostitution. It was neither illegal to run an establishment or "house," nor to traffic in the importation of women for the purpose of prostitution.

Then as now, attractive foreign women who wanted to leave their impoverished circumstances in their home countries were eager to accept the offers of those who had the means to smuggle them into the United States, and it is utter foolishness to believe that these women did not know what they were expected to do when they arrived. Regardless of the women’s consent to be brought here for purposes of prostitution, the days of state regulated and controlled prostitution were numbered when the abolitionist movement which had begun in Europe reached America’s shores.


The abolitionist movement's aim was not to make prostitution illegal or a criminal offense, either for the prostitute or her clients, but rather to "de-legalize" it. The abolitionists wanted to remove laws that allowed it to be under the control of government officials, specifically, the police, who routinely became the "pimps" by offering the women protection from competition and guaranteeing licenses in exchange for money and sex. In fact Josephine Butler, the leader of the movement, felt that outright criminalization of prostitution was a a violation of individual liberty. She correctly identified the outcome of such a ban- that it would mean the abolition of one set of arbitrary police powers for the institution of another.

The prohibitionist movement in America which wanted to prohibit all "immoral" conduct won out over Mrs. Butler and the more tolerant abolitionists. Most of life's pleasures became criminal activities, from gambling, consuming alcohol and using drugs, to fulfilling sexual fantasies with one's marital partner. Government intrusion into the private lives of citizens had begun in earnest.
Prior to the criminalization of prostitution, alcohol and gambling, institutionalized corruption had already established itself for police departments due in part to the "legalized" systems that allowed police interference in matters that clearly should have been outside the realm of law enforcement.

An unhealthy relationship flourished between the new "criminals" and law enforcement. The police, knowing that most of the women involved in prostitution were there by choice, continued the practice of bribery and extortion. Instead of threatening to withhold a license if they refused to cooperate, as they had in the legalized system, the police now offered to allow the prostitutes and madams to remain arrest free and able to ply their trade, in exchange for (1) sexual favors (2) information on other "criminals" and (3) money. Nothing had changed for the women except the added threat of incarceration.

The prohibitionists, in trying to eliminate people's vices, had succeeded in giving the police and the government more power. In the name of stamping out "vices," government has been able to circumvent the constitutional protections thought to be tamper proof. The vices have survived.

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