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[   ]A Texas Badge In Question_ San Antonio Cop Cuts Plea Deal for Sexually Assaulting Transgendered Person in His Custody.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:41 175K 
[   ]Cop Rapes “Tranny” and No One Cares | Pride Jewelry.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:41 120K 
[IMG]Craig+Nash.jpg28-Apr-2013 15:41 4.7K 
[IMG]Craig Nash.jpg28-Apr-2013 15:41 19K 
[   ]Official oppression earns ex-cop a year behind bars - San Antonio Express-News.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:41 385K 
[   ]SA Officer Suspended Indefinitely - Print This Story News Story - KSAT San Antonio.pdf28-Apr-2013 15:41 51K 
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