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[   ]1Former Parma police officer Mark McCombs wins early release from prison, faces new charges | 12:17 346K 
[   ]2009-ohio-4036.pdf01-May-2013 12:17 58K 
[IMG]6368260.jpg01-May-2013 12:17 101K 
[   ]Christopher Dillenbeck finally gets caught.pdf01-May-2013 12:17 598K 
[   ]Former Parma Police Officer Accused of Rape on Trial - WJW.pdf01-May-2013 12:17 245K 
[IMG]MarkMcCombs.jpg01-May-2013 12:17 218K 
[   ]Parma officer indicted in rape in patrol car | 12:17 169K 
[IMG]a_Mark_McCombs.jpg01-May-2013 12:17 7.8K 

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