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[   ]11:22:13 Courthouse News Service.pdf04-Apr-2014 16:58 201K 
[   ]Adam Skweres, Pittsburgh Police Officer, Allegedly Solicited Sex From Women In Legal Trouble (VIDEO).pdf04-Apr-2014 16:58 123K 
[   ]Fired Pittsburgh police officer who coerced sex favors from women goes to jail | Allegheny Co. News - WTAE Home.pdf04-Apr-2014 16:58 88K 
[   ]Former Officer Pleads Guilty To Soliciting Sexual Favors « CBS Pittsburgh.pdf04-Apr-2014 16:58 646K 
[   ]Woman sues former officer, ex-police Chief Harper, city - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Printer friendly.pdf04-Apr-2014 16:58 51K 
[IMG]adam_skweres.jpg04-Apr-2014 16:58 14K 
[IMG]s-ADAM-SKWERES-large.jpg04-Apr-2014 16:58 9.0K 

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