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[   ]OKC police officer accused of sex crimes bonds out of jail.pdf14-Jun-2016 19:30 111K 
[   ]Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexual battery, rape | Oklahoma City - OKC - 19:30 66K 
[   ]Oklahoma ex-cop guilty of rape in sex abuse case involving 13 women - Chicago Tribune.pdf14-Jun-2016 19:30 78K 
[   ]Oklahoma police lieutenant faces life sentence as list of alleged victims grows to 13 - NY Daily News.pdf14-Jun-2016 19:30 348K 
[   ]Sobbing Daniel Holtzclaw Appears to Mouth 'How Could You Do This' at All-White Jury That Convicted Him.pdf14-Jun-2016 19:30 115K 
[IMG]img-Holtzclaw-bond-reduced-to-500-000.jpg14-Jun-2016 19:30 105K 
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