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[   ]Alleged victim takes stand in ex-cop sex assault trial.pdf05-Mar-2017 12:55 61K 
[   ]Berthoud Officer Jeremy Yachik admits physically abusing 15-year-old girl for years - 7NEWS Denver 14:21 72K 
[   ]Cop Who Zip Tied, Tortured, & Beat His Daughter Daily is Trying to Stay Out Of Jail | The Free Thought Project.pdf25-Feb-2015 14:21 69K 
[   ]Ex-Berthoud officer Jeremy Yachik in court for charges he beat his teenage daughter - 7NEWS Denver 14:21 58K 
[   ]Fired Berthoud police officer Jeremy Yachik pleads guilty to child abuse, seeks probation - 7NEWS Denver 14:21 59K 
[   ]Jury convicts former cop of child sex assault.pdf05-Mar-2017 12:55 65K 
[IMG]Yachik,-Jeremy_Mug_1382560702399_1152781_ver1.0_640_480.jpg25-Feb-2015 14:21 60K 

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