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[   ]Deputy facing charges in connection with beating of girlfriend, and lighting her hair on fire - The Orange County Register.pdf30-Sep-2015 20:55 85K 
[   ]Ex-LASD deputy sentenced to 1 year in jail for beating, setting woman's hair on fire | 16:44 97K 
[   ]L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Charged After Allegedly Setting Fire to Companion’s Hair, Breaking Her Nose | KTLA.pdf30-Sep-2015 20:55 84K 
[IMG]alejandro-flores-booking-photo.jpg30-Sep-2015 20:55 7.6K 
[IMG]nr38u7-b88453979z.120150706154958000gu4anp88.10.jpg30-Sep-2015 20:55 11K 

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